Meet Our Labs
HRCH TRIPLE BIRDIE "MACK" ME- Mack was my first real hunting dog. He is a Hunting Retriever Champion and is IED Certified. He is my hunting buddy and we have had a lot of fun. He came from War Eagle Retrievers in Oklahoma, which is now The Retriever Academy. He never failed a hunt test and has passed the final test to become Marine IED dog. I did get him back (long story but am happy to tell you). He is just as good in the house as he is in the field, he can turn it off and on. 
Kizzy comes from the NAFC FC Cody Cut a Lean Grade "Grady" and a Master Hunter dam from Nashville. She has a great temperament and is the caregiver and protectorate of our group. She has been a great mother out of her to everyone. Kizzy spends her winter in Arkansas chasing ducks with her dad. She is a phenomenal hunter and awesome house dog. 

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