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The Hunt Terrier is a coarse-coated black and tan Jack Russell Terrier evolved into a breed developed in Ireland, whose qualities were hardiness, courage, unsurpassed skill as a ratter and a temperament ideally suited to living closely with people. Over the centuries the breed was perceived as the perfect all-round, all-purpose terrier…sturdy and strong enough to protect the potato patch, but unlikely to eat you out of house and home, courageous, indomitable, swift enough to catch small game but loyal and loving with children.There has always been a need for such a dog. A small terrier, essential part of the life of the humbler Irish families who gained a precarious living from a few acres of land. Here was a dog with intelligence, courage and the ability to guard against intruders, kill rats and abounded, yet live in peace with the family and other animals. A dog that would hunt all day and then come in the house and keep your feet warm at night.The original black and tan terriers were common among the farms of England, Ireland, Holland, Germany, and likely many more countries as well. They were bred for working and working only. The black and tan terrier ran about the stable yards, hunting and tracking vermin. Many black and tan terriers were used to drive fox from their holes, hunting rabbits. They were used not only keep the vermin under control at the homestead, but also for hunting and sporting purposes. In recent years, the “Hunt Terrier” has been bred for companionship to become a household pet, while retaining hunting abilities.



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