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We are a small kennel located just outside Alpharetta, GA. Here we breed Labrador Retrievers and Irish Hunts ( also known as Black and Tans and American Hunts). We do not mass produce liters and are just looking for quality. All of our Labs hunt and come from Field Trial liniage. Some of the Black and Tans come from a horse farm in NC, where the parents were directly imported from Ireland. Others we went to Ireland and picked up ourselves. So you will not find many if any that have kept true lines that we have. All of our animals live in the house with us and go just about everywhere with us. We are not a puppy mill and take great pride in reproducing what we believe are truly the best dogs.


     We were introduced to the Irish Hunts when we were looking at horses at Bruce Davidson's farm in PA. My wife was riding all of the spectacular horses but I couldn't get over these little dogs running around. They were very curious but never barked and listened so well. They just fit into the landscape of the farm. After spending more time around these dogs, I knew I had to have one. So I asked Bruce and he informed me all about his, that he first brought over in the 70's. Long story short, I had to wait a year but we finally got one, which was Pocket.


    Since we picked up Pocket, she stole the show. We named her pocket because it was winter time and we just carried her around in our coats. She slept behind our heads in the truck and at our feet in the bed. She will always keeps us laughing with her personality and the things she does. If it were a big dog doing it, it wouldnt be the same. She never just barks to bark but always lets us know when someone is coming. This is just one of the easiest and one of the best breeds I have ever been around. 


After Pocket everyone asked us what breed was she and where could they get one. If you wound up here you have seen, there are not many breeders of Hunts and they can be hard to find. So we decided to start breeding these fur babies to share them with our friends and family.

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